Contract - Manufacturing

Contract Manufacturing

Give your own brand the competitive edge by leveraging AATCO Food Industries`s experience and capability. AFI caters to a large segment of consumer base who look for a distinctive combination of product quality, service and competitive price in different packaging options. This division thrives on volume driven business, primarily offering a range of condiments like Ketchup, Hot Sauce and Mayonnaise. We always align ourselves to the customers’ taste palette in every geography to device unique recipes, acceptable and appreciated across our core geographical markets.

Retailer Private Labels

With years of Manufacturing, Product Development & Brand development expertise, we ‘Partner’ with your Brand to bring it on par with multinational brands and sometimes even better.
Our experienced R&D team works closely with you to make sure that we have a recipe match to your requirement, at the same time, our culinary team would work with you to identify new opportunities, helping you develop a new sucessful product.
We treat your brand with the same quality standards and transparency as any of our own brands. We offer a unique, instant access to the latest global food and beverage trends which will help you match taste preferences of your target customers across different geographies.
Some of our MNC clients are Kimball (Malaysia), Goodberry (Holland), catch me (KSA), PEEP (KSA), Al Muwasim (KSA), Darna (KSA), Al Aqeelah (Kuwait), while our Retailer Private Label are LULU (UAE) and Kuwait Coop (Kuwait)